Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Addicted

I started this BSJ before I seamed the shoulders on the sweater in yesterday's post, so I didn't just knit it overnight. It is made with Lion Wool (worsted on size 8 needles).

The BSJ is quick because is comprised of 115 rows of knitting and an optional collar. It is knit in one piece, and is a gangly-looking thing before seaming.

The sleeves are formed by folding the edge up to the shoulders. The shoulder edge is then seamed.

I use bobby pins to clip the two edges together. The pins work great because the tips are smooth and do not snag the wool and are easily removed. By using a mattress stitch, the seams are barely visible.

This sweater sports a mandarin-type collar. I haven't found the right buttons yet, but they will be added soon.


  1. Both this sweater and the previous one turned out great! BSJ is on my to-knit list. I've never knitted one, but once I do, I bet I become addicted, too.

  2. Can you make one adulted sized, in pinks of some kind, LOL!! Really, it is so pretty!

  3. I like this one, too! Pretty colors, also.

  4. What a cute little sweater!! oh I can knit..but I have not knit in years..you are so talented Nancy! :)

  5. I swear you are the fastest knitter I have ever known! Great job....

  6. good for you! I knitted a couple of those last year. challenging

  7. Hi! I use the large bobby-pins too. When I'm doing a Tunisian crochet project, the first few rows often curl so I use the large bobby pins to anchor the yarn until I crochet more rows for weight. ☺


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